It’s the grandchildren, Stupid !!

Our population is aging, our Baby Boomers approach the end, as all of us must do eventually.. And as we approach the end, some of our thoughts naturally go to the next generation, no matter how intractably narcissistic we may be.
This blog argues some of the reasons why nurturance is THE most important thing we can do in life. But even from a cynical vote chasing perspective, it baffles me why the political spin merchants have not seized on the aging population’s concerns for the grandchildren. There must be a HUGE vote waiting to be tapped.
If Julia Gillard simply said “You’d prefer to have our grandchildren suffer the consequences?” every time Tony Abbott goes on about the Carbon Tax, he’d have packed it in ages ago.
Ditto with education inequities, the proceeds of the mining boom, the child care debate, health, the environment.
It’s the long term perspective that should be driving the political process, not the latest poll and the next election.
I wish EVERY party (Greens, Labor, Coalition) had a well-thought through, caring, and publicly articulated core policy supporting nurturance/the grandchildren. They could all use the slogan “It’s the granchildren,Stupid”. I would then have enormous problems knowing WHICH one to vote for.

But then, we should all have such problems.

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