What is MORE important than nurturance?

I’ve often argued that the political process not only takes very little notice of the importance of nurturance in society (except when pollies hug babies), but seems as if driven by avoidance dynamics.

I’m inviting your reflective responses to the following prompt.
1. Nurturance : a definition ………..what we do in a caring and engaged way with our babies, infants, children, to develop mindfulness (accurate self-awareness) and empathy (kindly awareness of how other beings experience their own subjectivities)…………..by extension, anything we do to encourage mindfulness and empathy, in our relationships with other people, animals, the environment, could also be in the nurturance domain.

2. Is there anything even more important than nurturance for society?

3. If so, name it, and advance an argument for it.

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2 Responses to What is MORE important than nurturance?

  1. Rosey(marga) Blayney says:

    Hey Doc. Can I publish your question here on Facebook? I am interested in what replies it provokes.
    Thanks Marga Rosey

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