The Politics of Nurturance

Why isn’t ALP (or the Greens for that matter) making more of Wilkinson and Pickett’s “The Spirit Level” , which argues a powerful empirical case for the way wealth inequality in any society is associated with more violence, obesity, teenage pregnancies, physical and mental health problems, etc etc. Even David Cameron referred to the book in his pre-election speeches.
My own take on this is that it impacts negatively on early nurturance 0 to 4 ,at both ends; the poor and disadvantaged of course, but also the ultra-rich through more farming out of infant care.
Wilkinson and Pickett remind us of course that the “elephant in the room” is the HUGE multinationals, whose incomes and turnovers are often larger than those of entire nations, but whose “governance” is profoundly undemocratic… the extent that most shareholders have no real say. W and P recommend MORE worker-owned and managed companies.
Again I am at a loss why the Unions are not pushing for this vigorously, at a time of declining Union membership and influence.

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