What is MORE important than nurturance?

This must be the most unread blog on Planet Earth.

Is it technical stuff, like choosing a name like watikanyilpai that no-one is ever going to put into a search engine?  Failing to link it with my own name Leon Petchkovsky, or the Pinniger Clinic,  or obvious search words like “attachment” or “nurture” ?

Maybe the writing is tedious ?

Maybe “nurturance” generates an avoidance response ?



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3 Responses to What is MORE important than nurturance?

  1. Leon – you need to use tags on each of your posts, between 6-10 on every post is that best possible number to get search hits. You should make a facebook page for the blog, every time you write a post – you should put it up on the facebook page and then you should ask all your friends to like the facebook page. You should put a link to the blog on the bottom of your e-mail signature so people can click on it when they get to the bottom of your e-mails to them. etc etc – getting hits is all about links

  2. Stephen says:

    In addition to the comment by Joshua, I highly recommend changing the site’s byline from “Just another wordpress website” to something that speaks succinctly about your focus, and content. E.g. “Nurturing the nurturers and society”, or something similar.

    As to the rhetorical question “what is MORE important than nurturance?”, I would argue, “education” which then allows each to determine their own optimal level of nurturing, or indeed, perhaps offering none at all — highly inventive scientists and innovators generally don’t spend time nurturing others, at all. They’re typically self-obsessed to a fault, with their work, perhaps the best known being Einstein, who was so obsessed with his work, he had to be told to begin eating, and then needed to be told to stop eating. Another example was Steve Jobs, who was not known for nurturing his employees, yet co-founded the Apple inc. company, the first company to surpass a market cap of $1 trillion. The point being, those who lack nurturing abilities, can still be of immense value to society. Indeed, Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his paper on the photo-electric effect, upon which the functioning of solar panels are based, and with which we might just save the ecology of our planet.

    • Good Education CANNOT happen if a child’s neuro-development is damaged in the first 3 years of life……their attention and concentration will be stuffed, their impulse control will be damaged……even if gentitcally, they have High IQ genes, they will not be able to use them effectively. It’s the FIRST 3 years of life……not what happens when Steve Jobs torments you when you are an adult. If you have had a good first 3 years, you will be resilient enough to cope with Jobs…….if NOT, you probably would not even have made it into his company.

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