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fMRI responses to Jung’s Word Association Test. Implications for Theory, Treatment, and Research. Leon Petchkovsky, Michael Petchkovsky, Philip Morris, Paul Dickson, Danielle Montgomery, Jonathan Dwyer, Patrick Burnett.

We are presenting a version of this at the RANZCP Psychotherapy Conference in Sydney (Coogee Crown Plaza) 24th of Aug.  The research looks at “internal conflict”…how the “Internal I” interacts with the “Internal Other”…what emerges is that the mindfulness and … Continue reading

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Michael and Leon

My eldest son and I in Alice Springs 2011, preparing for a Bush trip. Michael is an artist with serious computer skills who helps me with brain imaging research. See next post

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Violence in Central Australia

  Back in the early 70’s, I got a job in Alice Springs Hospital, as an Obstetrics and Surgical Registrar, delivering babies and removing appendices. It must have been infectious, because I’ve found myself returning to the Red Centre ever … Continue reading

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Monkey see monkey do; the mirror neurones

  In the 1990s, a Macaque monkey lived in a laboratory at Parma University, in Italy. Let us call him Mario. Even though Mario was a monkey, his job was to serve as a Guinea pig for a bunch of neurophysiology researchers … Continue reading

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Neurosciences Conference in Brisbane

  I am writing this from Alice Springs, where I work once every 2 months.  Expect a column on Indigenous mental Health soon. But I promised to tell you about December’s  amazing Neurosciences Conference at the UQ Brain Institute.  There … Continue reading

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